Weekly Learning Reflection 2!

Hi readers! I’m posting again because another 2 weeks of beautiful learning have come and gone. In this post I will be talking about what the app Storium is in the personalized classroom  and is an amazing app that is an awesome way of online writing. Storium is an app where you get cards and then write based on the type of story you pick and the scene, characters, setting, challenges, and successes! Then you get to write the story with some base lines and then you get to read other stories and make more of your own, brilliant stories.


In this paragraph I will talk about the robotics unit I just finished. Here is a robotics website called Snap.Robotics in my opinion is a very exciting subject where you make coding and study robots. Robotics if you don’t know is the study of coding and electronics in this unit we got make coding scripts for a robotic rover that moves around on two wheels. To make the rover move, we first get in groups and then prepare the rover. We prepare the rover by plugging it into an extension cord and then plugging a USB into the computer so the rover can read the code. Soon we have tested the rover. Then we take the rover through all of these challenges like going 10 meters and then completing mazes, one that my science teacher made and one that our group made. The one that our group made was the hardest challenge because we had only one button click to get it through the whole maze. It was hard work but we persevered and finally finished the challenge.

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