My first learning post!

Hi, welcome to my blog! Every other week I will be writing a post about learning in the personalized learning classroom. My name is Jack and im a 5th grader! I’m writing this blog from Mrs. Harrod’s ELA class where we have personalized learning. Personalized learning is where you can  pick what books you’d like to read without a teacher telling you what book to read! You also get to have studio time in the personalized classroom. Studio time is where you either read or write whatever you want!


I think everyone in the world should use personalized learning because it grows your brain how your brain wants to grow. Mostly because you are getting to choose what you are learning about. I hope that in the future that every kid in the world will have the opportunity to be in a personalized learning classroom. I want the world to be like this so that every kid’s mind can grow how it wants to!

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